Today I turned 27. It is officially my Rock Star birthday. This is because there are a whole list of rock stars that died when they were 27. If I make it through this year I’ll be good. In honor of my Rock Star Birthday, Andy got me Guitar Hero for Wii! It is awesome! I am so terrible, though. Must practice.

Because it’s my birthday- and the next year will surely be very exciting- I wanted to point out some of the highlights from my 26th year…

  • We went from being renters to home owners in October- and it has been wonderful.
  • I started to feel more competent in my job… I might actually be able to do this!
  • We got Rupert- the puppy that was born to try our patience.
  • I stayed with my in-laws for the first time, and it was a good time.
  • We found out that our first baby is coming!
  • I traveled to Vegas in May to meet up with great high school friends.
  • I was FINALLY certified as a DCE in April.
  • We went to Anchorage for the weekend– just for fun.
  • Andy started two new jobs this year.
  • For the first time my name was on a call list.
  • I went to the National Youth Gathering in Orlando– did NOT get sunburned, met up with friends, and had a blast with kids.
  • I had my gall bladder removed.
  • I started a favorite hobby–sewing weird and funny stuffed animals.
  • I wished I could visit Paris, Houston, St. Paul, Phoenix, Portland, Macau… and most places in between.

It’s been a good year, I can only imagine what the list could look like next year! God is good!


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