a day of travel

A day of travel to or from Fairbanks, AK is always an adventure. I don’t mean the kind of adventure that children.fantasize about- I mean a day that is filled with challenges and tests you to your limits of sanity.

6am. Wake up and get ready to go while dear husband snores (he has a later flight)

7am. Leave in rental car to return to place of rental

7:15am. Arrive at rental place to find out your credit and debit cards are not being accepted due to a hold because the hotel held funds for your room three times.

7:30am. Call dear husband for help but he is still sleeping.

7:32am. Re-check out car to get to an ATM to get cash. After two tries it works.

7:39am back to pay for car rental and they will only accept exact change. After begging, cash is accepted and change is given.

7:45 waiting for shuttle to get to airport.

8:10am. Arrive and check in. Even time for starbucks.

10:35am flight has been delayed but does take off.

12:38PM. Arrive in Portland. 4 hours here. Get some work planning done and make some phone calls. Even talk to mom.

4:30PM walk 50 yards outside in cold rain to plane. Depart portland cold and wet.

5:20PM. Arrive in Seattle, wait for dear husband, snack on Combo’s (favorite travel snack), and complain to blog readers about my day.

9:48PM leave for Fairbanks.

It has actually been an okay day- minus the car rental stuff. I’ve had a chance to process some of the conference stuff and do some quiet thinking.

Happy travels!


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