Don’t put me in your box…

I have shamelessly (or shamefully?) spent a majority of my life being very concerned about fitting or not fitting into other people’s stereotypes. In high school this meant that I could never listen to a band after they “sold out” and showed up on MTV. It also meant than I [mostly] refused to shop at the Gap like the “preppy” girls. I was independent, different, and no one really knew what I was all about because I was so complicated. So I became a girl with thrift store clothes, very baggy jeans, weird hair, and an attitude about life. I was all opinions and no facts.

In college I [very] slowly morphed into someone who could appreciate differences in people– even different tastes in music and clothing [shocking!]. I even, gasp, changed a little (some call that growing up). Now I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin. I don’t worry what people label me, or if I am fitting into an idealistically created image. It feels good. There is freedom in that. Be who you are…

HOWEVER, there are moments when I am back in high school and trying to prove that I am different than everyone else. I have been caught in those moments as of late. I imagine it won’t end until long after November. Political campaigns drive me crazy. I used to be very opinionated about politics– again all opinion and no facts. Now that I consider myself more informed and more able to articulate what I really believe in… I cannot make myself fit into any of the available boxes.

I can’t identify with the Republican or Democratic party. And I feel that voting for an independent party (even if I can agree with their agenda) would be throwing my vote away. Neither party reflects the direction I believe this country should really be going. Neither reflects my core beliefs. Neither are better or more honest. So I continue to sit the fence. I know that to people who are truly invested in the political process are rolling their eyes and shaking their fists at me… but I can’t make the choice.



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3 responses to “Don’t put me in your box…

  1. I’m with you on the politics, Tia. My dad is a VERY staunch Republican and my boyfriend is a VERY staunch Democrat (should make the meeting in June interesting, eh?) So I totally feel pulled from two sides when all I really want to do is look at the candidates themselves, see what platforms they’re running on and vote for the one that most closely resembles my beliefs and opinions… BUT our country isn’t set up that way.

    Alas, we’ll vote anyway (though not for those silly “independent” candidates!) and hopefully it’d be regardless of party affiliations!

  2. My family leans very, very right (as Jim would say, somewhere right of Genghis Khan), and philosophically, I tend to lean that way as well.

    the problem I’ve been having is that the republicans are no longer conservatives in any sense of the word. for all intents and purposes, i voted independent in the primaries (my vote went to a registered republican, but he is far right of the republican party).

    i’ve told Kortney i probably won’t vote in November: i don’t agree with a lesser of two evils philosophy.

    the revolution will not be televised.

  3. Tia

    I believe that same candidate was a favorite in at least 50% of our house. u agree about the lesser of two equals… I’m just praying for a change in the whole political system. Wishful thinking? Probably.

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