They are HUGE

My pants, that is. I have ventured into the land of maternity clothes. It’s a scary place full of bows and empire waistline, stretchy panels and lots of elastic. I found a nice pair of black pants that are very unassuming and they are so much more comfortable than the regular black pants I have. However, I also bought a pair of khaki pants with a rather large cotton/elastic panel in the front. I am not quite ready for them yet.

It’s a little bit frustrating because I am uncomfortable in my normal clothes, but not really big enough for people to noticeably see that I’m pregnant. It’s just generally an unattractive time. Oye. But baby is growing. I’m sure it won’t be long before it will be unmistakable.

Our next doctor appointment is March 4th. The visit after that will be when we find out the sex of the baby. Exciting!


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4 responses to “They are HUGE

  1. I am sorry that you are such a precarious position with your clothes. But soon you can wear lots of cute pregnant clothes. I can’t wait for those pictures!

  2. nickjk94

    Best of luck with the clothing dilemma, heh. It sounds rather frustrating, but at least there’s a great big light at the end of the tunnel.

    Cheers on an interesting blog.

  3. The inbetween stage IS THE WORST! We didn’t tell people at church that I was preggo till like week 15 and by that time I was starting to get “fat” and I know people must have been like, “oh, Pastors wife sure is putting on weight” but alas it’s good weight and it’s good to get big…even though I feel like a horse right now. Anyway, the inbetween stage doesn’t last too long so enjoy it while you can, you’ll be uncomfortable in more ways that with your clothing in NO time!

  4. Tia

    I am enjoying this time. It has been pretty good– I really can’t complain about much. I am a little nauseous and tired… but I have heard horror stories… so I’m good.
    At least people know I’m pregnant so they know I just didn’t go crazy on a case of Twinkies. 🙂
    Thanks for your words!
    When is baby #2 coming?

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