The first look…

Today I went to see Dr. Hess. He is a very funny man. Comb-over. Large dark framed glasses. And he always smiles. He reminds me of a muppet. An OB doctor muppet… we like him. 🙂

Anyhow… We had our first ultrasound and I am glad that he told me that this is a picture of our baby, because I would not have known. It looks like baby’s head is on the right. We saw it’s heart beat. It was great. Andy was proud. So according to the size of the baby it looks like I’m 10 weeks along. I was thinking 11, so we were close.

It’s good to see that everything is going well. Andy and I joked while we were in the waiting room, “What if we find out that I’m not pregnant… never was. All the morning sickness and tiredness has been in my head.” We thought of how we would explain that to everyone. THEN Dr. Hess told us a story of a woman who thought her water broke and she was going into labor and they looked and she was never pregnant to begin with…. now THAT would be hard to explain.

But I am not crazy… all is well.


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  1. Hey Tia, CONGRATULATIONS! Babies are WONDERFUL! We’re working on #2 right now, he’s due in April. I found your blog TOTALLY randomly but I’m glad I stumbled upon it to find such great news! Hope you’re staying warm in AK!

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