This is the biggest news I have ever posted about. Ever.

Whoa. We just found out last Saturday. I’ve been to see the nurse. She was wonderful and answered all of our questions.

It looks like the baby will come around August 15th. This was a complete surprise. Andy is VERY excited. I didn’t expect him to be so extraordinarily mature. As I was hyperventilating over a home pregnancy test, Andy was sitting back smiling calmly. And he put me to shame with his words of wisdom, “If God wants us to have a baby, we’re going to have a baby.”

I know. I know. I just didn’t PLAN on it, yet. I suppose this is God’s way of reminding us (I mean me) that He’s in control.

Got it.

Well we are SO excited. We’re already reading books and starting to plan. So much to plan. Thank goodness there are 9 months to figure it out. It looks like baby is about 9 weeks along. This is what it might look like… can you believe it?!



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6 responses to “Surprise!

  1. Lindsey burken

    Wahoo!!!! congratulations…that is AWESOME. This kid is going to be SO cool.

    you and Jayme’s kids will be close to the same age…how fun! they could go to college together some day…maybe even be roommates. Hilarious…

    i am so excited for you!

  2. Kortney

    Jon and I read the exciting news last night! We’ll be praying for you and the baby’s health these next few months.

  3. I thought you were going to wait to tell people.

  4. Ingrid


  5. The Wachs

    Tia and Andy,
    How wonderful and amazing for you! Congratulations as you watch the miracle of life unfold! We pray all will go well for you as you await the arrival of your little one into your arms!
    The Steve Wachs family

  6. Yay! Baby’s certainly are a blessing 🙂 I’ll keep all three of you in my prayers!!

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