Advent… I just love countdowns!

I’m looking for great advent calendar ideas. This is thus far my favorite. A new beer for every day of advent! How lovely!

I like this one for a more “serious” model… but I’m still looking…



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3 responses to “Advent… I just love countdowns!

  1. holeinhead

    i don’t drink beer that much…but still…how freakin’ awesome:)
    by the way i liked the paper chain idea of counting down for three months…now i just have to think of something to count down with that is as creative as the beer advent calendar:)

  2. Krissa

    I am partial to the Legos Advent Calendar —

    Today’s kids have it so good!

  3. Krissa

    I saw on some artsy show about a dog biscuit advent tree. You tie dog biscuits with numbers 1-24 on them on a little tree and give em to your puppy each day til they’re all gone. I thought it was cute . . . spoil your little feller!

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