Turkey Day at the Pugh’s

It was our first Thanksgiving in our home. I had these iconic visions of everyone gathered around a table filled with delectable goodies, smiling, laughing, toasting a good time…

And then real life happened. We didn’t have quite enough seats at the table (bummer because it’s new!) But we set up an extra table and it was good. There were people playing Wii, good talks and LOTS OF AMAZING FOOD. It was pot-luck and on our own we would prepare an average Thanksgiving dinner, but together we were unstoppable! WE CREATED THE ULTIMATE THANKSGIVING MEAL!


Cheeses of several varieties (cheddar, swiss, Brie), Sausage, Olives, Roquamole dip, chips, veggies, spinach dip, etc…


Sangria, good wine, soda, juice, milk, etc…

the Greatest Meal Ever:

Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes (with Marshmallows), Delicious Sausage Apple Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, warm rolls with butter, cranberry relish, and…

The two best turkeys I have ever tasted… one deep fried and the other mesquite roasted on a rotisserie. Mmmm… juicy and amazing! Not grandma’s turkey.

A favorite friend of mine, Keith, was there to play with Rupert… a good day.



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