As I reflect on the things in my life that cause me to give thanks… I thought a Thanksgiving list would be appropriate…

I give thanks for…

  • a husband who is nearly the exact opposite of me
  • quirky family
  • friends near and far
  • my courageous, Spirit-led sister
  • my bible study group (Jen, Ellen, Russ, Wendi & David, Dave & Marsha…)
  • an almost handy-around-the-house husband
  • a new home!
  • Rupert, the stubbornest puppy
  • friends having babies!
  • Hot Chocolate Choxie bars
  • a country (despite other flaws) where I can worship my God
  • a dining room table large enough for everyone to sit and eat
  • church family
  • eggnog lattes
  • second chances, and third, and fourth…
  • time with kiddos
  • a job where I am always challenged
  • high school youth who love Jesus
  • The Office
  • quiet snow on trees
  • dansko shoes
  • the excitement of 5am shopping on Friday (don’t judge me)
  • Forgiveness. Love. Acceptance. New Life.

I have so much to be thankful for. So many people, so many things, so many experiences. God has been good to me. Even when I thought this was a pretty tough year, when I weigh the good things I cannot respond in any way but with thanks.

May the Peace of Christ be with you this Thanksgiving!


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