He came home yesterday! The lady from the shelter said she’d take him back when we went on vacation next week. (However, we are hoping we can find a friend to stay at our house and stay with him).

Night number one with a puppy was… not entirely restful. He just wants to be close to us, so sleeping in his kennel was out of the question. So he and I slept in the spare room. He would crawl up to my pillow and put his chin next to my chin. What a weird little guy.

We also gave him his first bath last night. He smelled terrible from being at the shelter (another reason we don’t want to take him back there). I think he hates us now. He was shivering so violently it was hard to hold onto him. Poor little guy. But now he doesn’t stink… so its okay.

Here is some video of him…

and… that’s me barking… not the dog. 🙂


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2 responses to “Rupert

  1. holeinhead

    he is sooooo cute!!:) what kind of dog is he do you know? you will have so much fun with him…it seriously is like having a child.

  2. Krissa

    Man! That dog is so cute it should be illegal!

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