The things that can happen in 6 weeks…

6 weeks ago it was still Summer in Fairbanks.

6 weeks ago all the leaves were on the trees.

6 weeks ago Mike & Karina weren’t married.

6 weeks ago Kali wasn’t in China.

6 weeks ago school hadn’t started yet.

6 weeks ago our house had just been started.

And now school is in session, the Beifuss’ are married, Kali is settled in Macao, it is Fall in Fairbanks, and our house is almost done. They are saying it will be done this week… but we’ll see. We have our apartment until Oct. 15th so we don’t have to rush to move. Which is good news. Moving stresses me out. Mostly because I want everything done NOW. I know, its unrealistic, but its who I am.

I’m okay with that.

What could happen in the next six weeks?


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