An ache in my bones

There is something in the deep places in my heart that is stirring. Like an ache in my bones. Please excuse the dramatics, it is not normally in my character. I am caught in this place between indecision, restlessness and just feeling tired. Not a great place to be.

To what am I called? A congregation? A city? A team? I don’t know. I am not sure what God wants me to accomplish in this place. I keep hoping that I will just stumble upon it, the great “Ah-ha!” of my career. Roadblocks and barriers keep getting in the way and I wonder if this is even the place that I should be; how did I get to this place?
So what do you do with that? Keep going in hopes of a change? Give up?

Or… is it me? Am I shying away from a challenge that God is laying before me?


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One response to “An ache in my bones

  1. holeinhead

    believe it or not i’ve been hearing this from a few different people lately…

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