Light Problem Solved

This never happens in Fairbanks.

Thanks for all of the good advice and help choosing a light for our dining room. However, we chose none of the contestants. (SORRY!) We decided there were a lot of good lights out there the weren’t so expensive and we should take a look at some. So we went to Lowe’s and found a really cool fixture with three hanging lights. It was simple and interesting… and only $78! However, the woe of every consumer in Fairbanks, there were none on the shelf, or even a tag for the item. Yikes. I ask a sales guy (older, comb-over, blank expression) if there were more lights anywhere because we can’t find the one we like…

Sales Guy: Pause… pause… pause… “No.”

Tia: “Well, could you come over here and tell us if we are looking in the right place?”

SG: Reluctantly… pause… “Oh, that one? No, that one doesn’t even exist anymore.”

Tia: Uncharacteristically aggressive consumer voice “Well then can you find out if we can buy the floor model? We are very interested in that.”

SG: Turns and walks away without a word.

Tia & Andy: Totally confused.

Moments later

SG: Returns with ladder. Climbs ladder. Checks tag on light. Still says nothing. Checks computer. Climbs ladder again. Takes lamp down and hands it to me. “It’s less than $20.”

Tia & Andy: Way excited and still totally confused.

At any rate, we got a $16 light and a good story.


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  1. Ingrid

    $16.00…..LOVE IT! And by the way, looked at the house updates, the colors and painting=amazing! Bravo on your hard work.

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