I need help…

This is not life-changing, earth shattering problem solving…

However, I DO have a decision to make. We are picking out some last things for the house… we have three lights to choose from for over the dining room table (like a chandelier)…

Contestant #1 Has been our fave for a while (most expensive)


Contestant #2 Simple, old fashioned without being cheesy (and on clearance)


Contestant #3  Similar styling (moderately priced)

(sorry this was just a photo of the box– I couldn’t get a good real-life pic)



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4 responses to “I need help…

  1. I vote 1 or 3 (1 being my top choice).

  2. Jayme

    ha…i am going to have to go with kali on this one…if you don’t mind spending the money… i say go for one…if you want to save a little go for three:)

  3. Lindsey burken

    For me it depends on your table…
    but i like 1 and 3 best.

  4. Ingrid

    Apparently everyone’s on the same page. I like 1 best…seems a litte rustic, a little contemporary, sturdy, etc. I’m a fan of 1. And yup, like the others, if ya gotta cut the cost, go for 3.

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