A great day

Andy and I had a great day yesterday. We took the day off together. No studying for Andy and no work for me. We didn’t do laundry or clean the apartment. We just did whatever we wanted. We went out to breakfast together and then went for a drive. It is definitely Fall in Fairbanks and we drove out Chena Hot Springs road. The trees are turning yellow, the sun was shining and we had all afternoon to roam around. We decided our next kayak trip will be on the Upper Chena river. I’m hoping we can do that trip before winter.  🙂


Andy has been working so hard on studying. He’s getting ready to take tests for his new job. I’m not exactly sure what they are all about but it has to do with laws and rules for being a financial adviser. He’s taking his first round of tests in Anchorage on Friday.

The house is looking great. Drywall is up. Hopefully we can get in to paint next weekend.

The colors for the house:

  • Kitchen: Asparagus
  • Living Room: Pumpkin Butter
  • Entry: Lis Creme
  • Downstairs Bath: Cranberry
  • Upstairs Bath: Jamaican Sea
  • Study/Craft Room: Wineberry
  • Spare Room: Adobe Straw
  • Master Bedroom: Toasty Grey

We’ll see how they all come together. Executive decisions may be made to change it up once we see it in the space.

But I’m still excited!



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2 responses to “A great day

  1. Ingrid

    Wow…sounds like a beautiful day. Fall…I miss fall. We don’t really have it here. We’re setting record highs and sweating up a storm. Enjoy my favorite for me please. And by the way, the house colors sounds stellar! Blessings on the on-going process. 😀

  2. Tell Andy good luck on the upcoming tests. And I love that you are holding a coffee mug in that picture! I don’t really know why i love that, but i do.

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