Who is this man?

For the first time in four years Andy is clean-shaven. It’s crazy. I think he’s practicing for when his Thrivent job starts. At first I didn’t even recognize him. Now I think I like it. Now if only we could introduce something besides plaid…

But then I would really not recognize him.

We’re getting ready to paint the house soon… which is very exciting because picking paint colors has been my job. We are also planning a trip down to Des Moines & Milwaukee for the first week in November. I am looking forward to spending time with Andy’s family and of course my own.

Kali left for China on Saturday. She arrived yesterday in Macau. I chatted online with her for a bit today. She seems to be doing well. Her apartment is nice. She’s trying to navigate the crowded streets. I hope to hear more from her soon.

In other news… its Fall here. The weather is getting cooler. It gets dark out at night. Fall means that Winter is coming. Oye. I’m not ready.


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2 responses to “Who is this man?

  1. Jayme

    what i would give for it to be getting cooler at night!

  2. Ingrid

    It’s fall…let me follow Jayme’s suit and say…”aww, fall.” I was just thinking about fall today and how much I miss it.
    Glad to hear Kali made it safe and sound. Looking forward to updates on that girl. 😉

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