Napping and Chocolate

I am not a good napper. That may sound strange to some, but really… I am no good at it. Naps seem to take over. This afternoon I decided to nap. After church I was totally wiped out, so I came home and plopped down in bed. TWO HOURS later I wake up and am CRABBY. My body was temporarily taken over, I lost two hours of my life and was left feeling groggy and disoriented. Now I’m slllllooooowwwllllyyy getting back into the day.

I’ve been sampling some delicious bites of chocolate ranging from Milk to 88% Cacao. Mmmmm… I strongly suggest Green & Black’s Organic Bittersweet Dark Chocolate with Crystallized Ginger. Its fantastic.

Andy and I took pictures of the house today. Check out the updates! It’s so exciting. Now we’re picking paint colors and I am determined to use wallpaper somewhere in the house (don’t think grandma’s nasty floral paper) — CREATIVE WALLCOVERINGS.


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