I am so tired of having my decisions being questioned. It seems like any credibility that I might have has been chucked right out the window. The usual reason is– “Tia, you don’t have kids.” So therefore I must know nothing about kids and what they need. I obviously don’t love/care about them enough to make decisions that will reflect their best interests.

Is there a magic moment in which people suddenly realize you might know what you’re doing? What can I do? I guess just get better at my job, hang out with people… do I need to have kids to prove that I know something about kids? I hope not. That could mean I’ll still be incompetent for a few more years.

In other news, sad news, we didn’t get the construction loan on our house. So now we’re looking at buying a home rather than building, and then we could build in a few more years (maybe to upgrade). We’re pretty disappointed.    😦   But I think we have a plan.


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