I haven’t blogged in a while because our internet has been down at home. The truth is we have been SO busy. It has been out of control! I look forward to summers because it seems that there is less going on… but I don’t think that’s really true. I think I was referring to how summers used to be when I was in school.

Our friend Athena welcomed her new baby daughter, Christina into the world on June 29th. I got to hold her when she was just 4 hours old! I’ve never held a babe so new! She’s beautiful. I even got Andy to hold her (he secretly loves her).

img00038.jpg img00041.jpg

Anyhow. Andy’s turning 30 on Tuesday. That should be fun. I’m going to make him a delicious chocolate cake that has become my [signature] cake. I kept asking him what he wanted for his birthday over and over and he would always say “I dunno.” So FINALLY he says… I want a scooter. (Read: moped). NICE. So we went to the place and got him a scooter! AND (SURPRISE) me too! We’ve been riding them everywhere. Pictures will soon follow. It has been a blast. Something fun to do together and extremely gas-saving! We get over 100 miles/gallon.

I also got my hair done last week. The red has already faded a lot. Sad. But I still love it. Next time I’ll do darker reddish and bigger chunks of color.


VBS starts tomorrow and I am really stressed. Just blogging these few paragraphs is serving as a de-stressor. I know God will take care of it and His people will rally together… but I am still anxious about it. Could use some prayer.


Here’s my sweet ride. (That’s not me riding– that’s Jaunelle). I heart it.


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  1. Jayme

    you are amazing:) i wish i could be you;)

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