It was a beautiful afternoon! We spent it on the river kayaking. It was my first time in a kayak, and just as I predicted– I loooooved it! I want to go every weekend now. This time Andy & I paddled tandem, but I think next time we’ll have our own crafts. It was a good exercise in trust and communication. Most of what came out of my mouth was, “What are you doing to make us turn this way?” or “Why are we not going straight?” but we had a great time. I am so exhausted and a little sore in my shoulders, but I imagine that will get better with practice. It was lovely to spend the afternoon enjoying the river, good friends, and a little exercise.






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2 responses to “Glorious.

  1. Kali

    so jealous! and i love your haircut!

  2. Jayme

    i wish i could have been kayaking with you guys!!! kobi and i canoed (sp?) together once and he says never again if we want to stay married:) who knows maybe we have matured a little and could actually make it through and still be talking at the end of the day:)

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