It has begun

As we were at the counter at Cellular One, eagerly awaiting our new phones the clerk tells us this, “Once you go to a smartphone you will never go back.” I smiled politely and laughed to myself. “Never? That’s a long time. I won’t become dependent on the amazing convenience of having internet, pda, phone and music all at my fingertips wherever I go.”
Ha. In the last 24 hours this little 3oz device has sucked away much of my life. I am hoping that its just because its a “new toy”, but I have some concerns. I am ready and willing to enter a recovery program if necessary.

In other news… this week is the longest week of the summer. Literally– the sun will not go down until Friday! Insane. It makes me think of the Joshua & Men of Gibeon story a little differently. But that means that the Midnight Sun Festival is on Thursday- and its a very good time– music, art, food, drink, random performances. Thursday night is the Midnight Sun Baseball game… begins at 9pm– or 10pm– and goes through midnight with no field lights. Last year we had fun and this year is looking promising. Saturday night is the Midnight Sun Run… 6 miles… I’m not sure about that. I might walk it. It’s pretty fun to watch, though. We’ll see how motivated I am.


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