I love moments like this


This is my view at the moment. Andy and I planted our mini gardens this afternoon. Then I scrubbed down our $15 garage-sale grill and went out to get a propane tank. We feasted on grilled pork chops for supper. Now I’m enjoying a glass of wine on our porch. The sun is lazily making its way down– at 10:45pm and I’m listening to Diana Krall. Nice.

The gardens are really like flower boxes, but they are built into our little rockdscn0392.jpg walls. We have two– one for flowers and the other for veggies and herbs. We’ve got petunias, gerber daisies, pansies, and geraniums. On the veg/herb side we have bell peppers, chili peppers, mint, rosemary, sage, green beans, and cilantro. I hope it all turns out!

It has been nice to be back in Fairbanks for the beginning of summer. School has been out for a couple of weeks and summer is buzzing. I could do without the tourists– but oh well.

In other news– we closed on our land on Wednesday– that means we are land owners– and I found out that LCEF gives home loans to church workers– so we may be able to finish building much sooner than we originally planned. We are really excited. Well, I’m going inside and to bed, it’s hard to keep track of time with all of the daylight.




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  1. Kali

    Those are some good pics. You should pick up photography as a hobby (with all that extra time on your hands.)

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