Las Vegas, Seattle, Homer, Anchorage, Home. Oye.

Fancy Night Out

The last ten days have been crazy and I am so glad to be home! I started out in Las Vegas last week to meet Chris, Angie, Jeremy, Jon & Kortney. We hadn’t seen each other since my wedding, so it was great to just get together to chat and hang out. We hit up some casinos and being the high rollers that we are, played severI nickel and penny slots (and complained with every dollar lost). 🙂 We saw a good Irish band, ate some late-night diner food, saw [too many] shows of the Bellagio fountains, drank Margaritas out of a boot, and just had time to catch up. It was fun. I think I got to know Kortney (Jon’s wife) a little more and that was really good. We watched a pilot for a TERRIBLE discovery channel show and got paid $20. Good times. Then after Vegas was a 12 hour lay-over in Seattle. So I took a bus (Seattle has GREAT public transportation!) down to Pike’s Place Market… and it was AMAZING! I hope Andy & I can spend more time there. The flowers were amazing. Then I traveled to Anchorage where I rented a car and spent the night. The following day I shopped for

new youth room couches and then picked up my friend Alice from the airport to drive down to Homer for a Pastor’s Conference. Tuesday we went halibut fishing with wind, rain, cold and 8ft. swells– I was a little green all day. Then back to Anchorage yesterday with a few hours to kill and FINALLY back home last night. WOW! It was a very exciting trip, but I am SO glad to be back on my couch, drinking coffee and just being home.I love these guys


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  1. chris

    so good thing you live in alaska, cos i’m pretty sure jeremy might have to hurt you for the video!!!!
    ps we’re pretty hot!

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