Summer, Summer, Summertime

Thanks, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince.

I created an AMAZING playlist for Summer 2007. And summer is finally here.

It has been BEAUTIFUL the past few days and I hate to admit it, but it really does affect my

mood. I have been movin’ and shakin’ all over. I rode my bike to work today. That was nice. I live pretty close so I’m not hardcore or anything.

I’m leaving for VEGAS tomorrow night. I am so excited that I can’t even explain. And the good part is I feel great about leaving work. Sometimes I get anxious about things being covered and this time I know everything will be fine! That means stress-free vacation! YES!

Oh, I went to the Ft. Wainwright all-post yard sale and scored a big propane grill for $15. Also a pair of adorable black lamps for $5. They now reside in my office (the lamps, not the grill).

I have to start packing because this is a trip I need to be well prepared for. Do I pack all summer beach-bum clothes, or nice “going out” clothes? I also have to bring everything I need for the Pastor’s Conference/Fishing trip that will immediately follow Vegas.

OH! And if you know anyone in Seattle, I will have a layover there for TWELVE hours on Sunday. BOO HISS!

Vegas, Jeremy, Chris, Angie, Jon & Kortney here I come!


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  1. Kali

    I’m so jealous of you! Tell your friends i say hello and play a slot machine for me.

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