That’s right. 8 days and I will be enjoying the Mojave Desert and all the gaudy neon, blended drinks, and interresting characters that it has to offer– and the best part? I’ll be with four of my dearest friends. Weddings are the only time we all get together anymore– so this will be awesome just to hang out for a few days (à la 1998). Also, my friends are the best because we can always pick up right where we left off– no weirdness because we live on opposite sides of the country and don’t get to chat all the time. I am going to Vegas sans Andy which is kind of sad. It will be okay to hang out with the friends and not worry about Andy feeling left out– but I do really want him to get to know them (because they are awesome). Dang. But he’s going to sit this one out. Next friend reunion he will definitely be there.

I have been watching a lot of gangster movies/shows… and I REALLY wanted to go to the Sands (Rat Pack turf) in Vegas. Then Andy informed me that it no longer exists. CRAP! But Andy said the last old school gangster casino is the Stardust. Now I just found out they tore it down last summer! DOUBLE CRAP! But there is still hope… and hope is called the Golden Steer Steakhouse. One of the only original “old Vegas” restaurants left. I’m hoping to check it out. Two other shops I’m super excited to visit The Attic and Modify [retro 60’s furniture & art].

Ooooh… vintage-y goodness.


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