Leave the gun… take the cannolis

Sundays mean barbecues. Andy and I had a barbecue of our own today. He grilled italian sausages on the Weber and I simmered onions, red & green peppers, and garlic and added marinara sauce. Yum. Then we ate our delectable sausages on hoagie rolls topped with the peppery sauce. YUUUMM. I am full. We have plans for a picnic table for our patio so we can actually eat outside. Also we’ve decided to have movie themed dinner parties from now on. We watched the Godfather today (and ate ITALIAN sausages). We’re thinking we’ll invite friends over for favorite movies with food to match… ideas so far…

  • Amelie (Tia’s fav) with French food
  • Breakfast Club with Pancakes & Eggs (or delicious omelets)
  • Hot dogs, chips & pop with the Sandlot (I so love that movie… I don’t care what you say)
  • The Godfather or The Sopranos with delicious Italian food… and of course cannolis for dessert 🙂

I’m still thinking… but I think this has some potential… 🙂

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