Muffins. Yum.


So I’ve been doing a bit more baking lately than normal. I haven’t left the house in a couple of days and have been trying to use ingredients around the kitchen. So… from this attempt at culinary creativity comes blueberry-cranberry-chocolate chip muffins. Mmm good. They turned out pretty well. My oven is pretty much a piece of crap so I never know how long to bake (and I have an oven thermometer– doesn’t seem to be helping). But TA-DA! They are mighty tasty.

Okay… so these aren’t that creative, but my hope is to make crazier more interesting muffins in the future. I have visions of crystallized ginger, orange peel and pecans… (Muffin inspiration comes from my fav coffee shop– Alaska Coffee Roasters). Their muffins are divine!


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