New digs…

I think wordpress is going to make a suitable home for my blog. This does not guarantee that I will actually post more often or be a better member of the blogging community… but hey, I’ll try.

As of now I am recovering from gall bladder removal. I’m doing pretty well. I’m sore and I have a tube poking out of my belly that’s draining goo. GROSS. I have three incisions that are all healing pretty well. So I’m taking the rest of the week off and resting. I am actually totally bored so you may be getting plenty of blogs from me. 🙂

Countdown to Vegas:  13 days!



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2 responses to “New digs…

  1. Lindsey Burken

    holy crap…you got your gall bladder out?!?!?!?!?
    why do you have a tube sticking out of you? I didn’t have one of those….

  2. Kali

    This is way better than google pages. Way to go at finding better blog sites!

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