6 hours of Daylight!

Winter is still going strong around here. I’m starting to have a bit of cabin fever. It was broken-up a bit Sunday, we went snow tubing with youth. It was a BLAST! I am still a wee bit sore… I think just because of the impact. Lindsay and I were the speed-duo and we caught a lot of air. But now I’m back inside looking out my window that is 1/3 covered in snow. 6 hours of daylight (the first time in 2 months!) is back. The good news is that it’s not super cold, so we can do more fun stuff outside (tubing, skiing, snowshoeing).

In other news, one of my youth, Sara, is going to job shadow me on Wednesday. How fun is that?! She wants to be a DCE and is doing a project for school. I need to make sure Wednesday isn’t a totally insane day.

Stay warm out there.


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  1. Jayme

    you should sit in front of the computer and play on myspace all day while she watches:)! Just kidding…what a fun time!

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