The Christmas that was

Christmas went so fast this year. Christmas eve was a whirlwind of church service–6 to be exact. Wow. We had a good time though, needless to say I was totally exhausted at the end of the day.

The services were great. I think over 1,000 people came to Church on the 24th. Amazing. Candles everywhere (and glow sticks for kids), Silent Night and the giant tree. A great way to celebrate.

Andy & I exchanged stockings on Christmas eve (he had never had a stocking before!!). It was cool. My stocking had a bottle of wine in it. 🙂 Then I got to sleep late on Christmas and we opened gifts. It was a really nice first married Christmas. Then we went to our friends Jen & Ellen’s house for Christmas fun. Loads of food, games, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Ahh yes. Good stuff.

Hope your Christmas was an awesome celebration of Jesus’ birth!



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2 responses to “The Christmas that was

  1. Andy's mom

    It is hard to fit trips to Disney World, bikes, television sets, and stereos into stockings.

  2. tiapugh

    A lot of families I grew up with didn’t do stockings either… but for some reason it was a big deal to my mom.

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