To balance the last post

Becasue my last post was kind of complaining I’ve decided to post a top-ten for Christmas:

In no particular order…

1. Decorated houses (the more obnoxious the better)
2. Kids that steal baby Jesus from the nativity set
3. “Go Tell it on the Mountain” at the top of your lungs
4. Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses (mmm mmm)
5. The anxious excitment of checking the mail everyday (sometimes twice a day)
6. Marathon church services on Christmas Eve (yes I really do like it!)
7. Finally finding the perfect gift for someone and then trying to justify it into your budget
8. White Elephant gift exchange with high school kids… the asparagus candle again?!
9. Getting up at the crack of dawn on Christmas day to open gifts (I’m too excited to sleep!)
10. A Christmas Story– Ralphie Parker is my hero.

Christmas Blessings!!



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3 responses to “To balance the last post

  1. Kali

    Is this my first or second year where i can sleep in on christmas morning because you won’t be jumping on me at the crack of dawn to get up and shake the presents?

  2. tiapugh

    second i think.

    don’t think you are safe. i have contacts.

  3. DK

    This list is funny. I resonated to #2 – kids who steal baby Jesus from nativity sets. My mom laughs every time she talks about me doing that when I was a little kid, like 2 or 3… baby Jesus would ride on top of a Hot Wheels’ car and I’d say, “Baby Jesus buhbye car.”

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