LAX to SFO in 10 days

Well we just got back from CA and it was a darn good time. We started off in Anaheim for the Youth Specialties Conference. It was pretty awesome. It took me about 18 hours to really get into it, but I really feel refueled for ministry. I am even working out ways to outsource the children’s ministries that are on my plate so I can focus more on youth ministry. It was a good time. It was also so good because I saw Jayme (and Kobi) and got to just hang out with them. Fun times for sure.

After YS we drove to Santa Barbara… what a beautiful place. Ocean, amazing beaches, adoreable town. We are considering retirement there. In Santa Barbara I went to an extremely helpful wine tasting and bought a great bottle of cabernet that I’m saving for Thanksgiving probably. From there we drove up to Cambria and spent the night in a cute little oceanside hotel.
The next day we went to Hearst Castle, it was AMAZING. Talk about extravagance. Then we drove all the way up the coast to Monterey. We walked around a bit there and then drove up to Turlock where Kali lives. Along the way we saw tons of elephant seals lazing about the beach. We spent the next couple of days just hanging around with her, making dinner, being lazy, going to Target, discovering Two Buck Chuck, exploring all that is Turlock and Modesto. Well spent time.
After that we (Kali, Andy, and I) drove to San Francisco and spent the day there (exploring ChinaTown, eating crab on pier 39, wearing fancy dresses, getting free chocolate at Ghirardelli Square). Then Kali went back to Turlock and Andy & I stayed in San Fran until Sunday. Saturday we took a van tour (per suggestion of Mom-in-Law) and it was … not so good. Bert, our not-so-beloved tour guide was a lot like Kroemer from Seinfeld. But less spastic and more annoying.
Then back to -20 degrees in Fairbanks. Sheesh. Praise the Lord for vacations!



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2 responses to “LAX to SFO in 10 days

  1. Jayme

    couple of things….
    1- it was so great seeing you guys…
    2- those are some pretty awesome pictures you took…are you a professional?
    3- um…oops..i only had a couple of things to say…not three! take care and God bless!

  2. if you have any photos of your trip we appreciate uploads and comments at our blog about the Cambria, San Simeon area that your described…Hearst Castle..thanks

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