A Day at the Fair

Andy & I went to the Tanana Valley Fair last night. It was a good time. It was canned food day– so we got in the gate for 3 cans of peas, 2 cans of green beans, and 2 cans of mixed veggies. A small price to pay. I am always excited for the Fair (this is my third TVF) and once I get there I am always a little disappointed. My biggest disappointment yesterday was the imposter. There was something at the Fair that was calling itself a cream puff. Okay, folks, I’m from Wisconsin. You can’t just go calling anything a cream puff. That is sacred fair food! Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs are perhaps the best thing ever. They are creamy and not too sweet and fresh– and huge. The pastry is light and airy and the whole thing is covered in powdered sugar (pictured above). MMMMM MMMM! At the TVF it was like custardy filling with a not-so-impressive pastry… with TOPPINGS! You could get strawberry syrup, or chocolate on top. That sounds good– but its not a CREAM PUFF.

Otherwise the Fair was good. I got blue & purple extensions in my hair. It is now a new fair tradition for me. Last year was pink & purple. Yes, I waited in line with a bunch of pre-teens. We grazed through the fair and didn’t over do it. It was a fun night. Tonight I get to babysit for little Norah– perhaps the most adorable little blonde, blue-eyed 2 year old ever! Tomorrow is rafting with the youth– as long as the rain holds out.


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