Thinking… always dangerous

After my last post about being bored I have been thinking about all the things I want to do or learn how to do. I like my job, I have a lot to learn there still, but I also have all these other things that I’d like to do… and I hope they all fit into my life timeline. In the tradition of all good bloggers I will proceed with a top ten

top ten big dreams/ life goals:

1. Open a coffee shop ministry. Not run by a congregation, but privately owned. I could roast beans and sell them to congregations. I could offer the space for congregations seeking a space for worship or bible study. Coffee shops (not in the tradition of drive-thru Java Huts or the sterility of Starbucks) are places where the big questions of life are often discussed. Not that I’m into over-intellectualizing life, but it happens. I love to drink my latte and listen to the conversations around me. Somewhere in the middle of the conversations about politics, trends, homework, social justice, and “the real world” are conversations and questions about the big picture. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have Christians be a part of those conversations? What if it was a place where Christians artists and musicians could display their talents without the pressure of copying secular artists? Hmmm… in my mind this vision is more clear. Anyhow… next…

2. Learn how to be a better artist. I once thought I was pretty okay at creating art. I knew I had a lot to learn. Then I just stopped. Stopped trying, stopped learning. Anyhow, I’d like to start taking classes again and get that creative ball rolling.

3. Learn another language— at least the basics. I took two years of Spanish but I hated it and remember very little.

4. In connection with #3– Travel! I have been hardly anywhere in my life and before I have kids I want to see some of this big crazy world. I want to visit places totally unlike the world in which I already know. Some places on my list– Paris, Brazil, Finland, Thailand, India, Germany, Italy… I could keep going…

5. Be a mom! (I know… 4 years and 5 months) I am very excited about having kids (someday). I think our plan is to adopt and have our own. Very exciting. But all in good time.

6. Teach… I know I teach now but I’d like to classroom teach someday. 8am-4pm Monday through Friday, 9 months out of the year. Spend all day [attempting to] impact the lives of a smaller group of kids. I would love it. I think I’d like to teach high school religion class. We’ll see.

7. Write a curriculum that uses art as a way to grow in faith. Write a curriculum that will help children and youth use their creative abilities to explore their faith and grow closer in their relationship with Jesus. I’m the kindergarten art teacher this year and am trying to get kids to see how art can help them appreciate and love their Creator by seeing the beauty in His creation. Just a rough idea.

8. Learn how to bake. I don’t mean cookies and sheet cake. I mean raspberry filled, chocolate gnache, with buttercream frosting. Mmm mmm.

9. Learn to play an instrument, or sing. I’d like to use music in ministry more, but I am inept. I can barely carry a tune and I definitely can’t play an instrument. I’d like to play guitar. that’s so cliche for a DCE, but whatever. It would be helpful. Guitar and voice lessons here I come!

10. Never stop adding to this list. I don’t want to have a list when I’m 50 that has been all crossed off. I’d like to keep adding and extending this list, but as of now I think this is where it rests.

Agayutem atawaqercelliiten (Yup’ik for God bless you)
(I just stole that from someone’s email)



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3 responses to “Thinking… always dangerous

  1. Ingrid

    Alright…can I just take a moment and say that you inspire me, Tia! Wow…love the list!

  2. Kali

    Can i do number 1, 4, 6, 8, & 9 with you? At least number 1?
    You sound like me. Except i think i’m making a list just to cover the fact that i don’t know if i will have a job after internship.
    I might be ready to be the eternal student.

  3. Herb

    Awesome list! I just jumped on number 9. I have always wanted to play guitar, so I decided at age 32 that I would go for it. In addition to learning guitar, I have also enrolled in college courses. I’m glad I waited to do these particular things. I dont think I would ahve appreciated these things at an earlier age.
    P.S. congrats on the wee one to come

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