I need a hobby… or something.

It’s my day off and I have NOTHING to do. I’m sure there are things out there to do but no one to do them with. Whatever I’d do on my days off is by myself. Rarrr… thats no fun. I was thinking about taking a watercolor class or something– but the usually only offer them on Saturdays or in the evenings. Boo. There’s gotta be something.




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4 responses to “Uuuuuuuuugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh

  1. Kali

    i feel the same way. Except i don’t really know anyone to do anything with just yet. But my evenings are very boring, or i spend money.

  2. tiapugh

    YES the spending money thing is a huge part of it. i just don’t have friends in fairbanks it seems anymore. i mean, i have people i hang out with during certain times. But no one to just call up and say– hey what are you doing?

    God will work it out.

  3. garfodie81

    I’m with you there . . . not a lot of friends here. But that’s going to change soon anyhoo. Yay!

  4. Ingrid

    AHHHH…welcome to my world. I’ve been struggling for years (no joke) about being a churchworker, having boundaries, finding a hobby that is social and allows me to make friends outside of church/churchworker world…all I can say is, I feel ya! And sadly, I don’t even have answers. I like your idea about the watercolor class…and as you and kali have posted…money is a factor. if/when you figure this hobby thing out, please let me know…until then, good luck and perhaps nap-taking is the best hobby for churchworkers on our days off.

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