Life Happens

I am in Milwaukee visiting my family for the week. It was a sudden trip down to see my grandma who is dying of cancer. We just found out last Monday that her cancer turned very aggressive and she only had a few weeks to live. Some incredible things have happened since (like her husband, Augie, taking communion for the first time in 50+ years, and me being able to come down and visit on such short notice). Friday I spent all day with her, took her to the bank and chatted with her. By Sunday morning she was bed-ridden and in severe pain. When the doctors said aggressive they weren’t kidding. She’s been highly medicated so she isn’t in pain. All of the family has been gathering around her to celebrate her life, share stories, support one another, and say our goodbyes. It has been powerful and sad. Now we’re just waiting. Lord, take her soon.

The trip has been great. Not great to see my wild and crazy grandma in pain and dying, but because it makes me love my family even more. Their ability to support one another and step up when needed has been amazing. Prayers for the family that will remain would be great. Augie’s health isn’t good and our hope is that he doesn’t give up after this– God has plans for him!


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  1. Kali

    Our family can be pretty amazing.

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