VBS Day 3

Lord have mercy.

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL so that means– WATER GAMES! 5&6 year olds filling a big silver bowl with water and carrying it in a towel to fill a bucket across the grass. HILARIOUS. First of all, VBS games are alway pretty non-competetive. But how do you do a relay without a winner? So these kids were crazy. The were SCREAMING– faster, go, go, go, not that way, ouch my foot, don’t drop it, faster, this way– MASS CHAOS. It was wonderful. The kids have to find a new jewel every day (but Jesus is our greatest treasure)… today there was roaring applause for the recovery of the famed heart-shaped amethyst.

The challenges of the morning: an Open Arms kid got a horrible bloody nose (because he got punched by a girl) and ran all over the building getting blood everywhere. As the VBS kids rotated to their next session they were terrified. There were tiny bloody fingerprints all over the building. Hopefully there will be no state inspectors any time soon. Lord have mercy. Two kids had massive melt-downs. They were just tired. Ahh.

And now I’ve just finished lunch and am getting ready to go home for the afternoon. I will be back later for high school youth. Must recover to get some energy back.

I love summer!


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