Day 1

Vacation Bible School Day 1: 95 kids (30 of them were 3-4 year olds). YIKES!

It was a great morning! Things went fairly smoothly (especially for the first day). I had the best job… I got to go around and take pictures and interview kids the daily newsletter. It was hilarious. Kids crack me up when you put them on the spot. For instance– one boy, age 10, tells me that his favorite thing about VBS is snack because he gets to eat food. (wow– enlightening response). And then he says “You’d never put that in the newsletter.” OH YES I WOULD. And I did. He was quoted with his first name and last initial along with his age. Don’t challenge me, kid! 🙂

Lots of kids that I don’t know, that was cool. Pray that more kids will come (and that we have space for them all!) and hear the message of grace.

PS… most ridiculous Jesus kid song ever: to the tune of Day-Oh “Jesus Me Savior and He Take Me on Home”… GAG.

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  1. Kali

    sounds like a hilarious time.

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