Overwhelmed, but in the good way

I always have to clarify with people when I say that I am overwhelmed. There is the bad overwhelmed, when you have too much to do, not enough time to do it, not enough resources, being pulled in too many directions. Then there is the good overwhelmed, like being overwhelmed by the positive response of people, when you are overwhelmed by the support you get, or being overwhelmed by the loving grace of God.

Well right now I’m overwhelemed by the latter. I am overwhelemed that God keeps trying. I am overwhelemed that God keeps putting up with me. I am pretty stubborn. There is no way I would have the patience with me that God does. But he does. I am overwhelmed when I realize that my Creator is actively pursuing me every moment, while I am often found pursuing my own interests and desires. CRAP! A devotion I read this week talked about sins of omission– the things we forget or fail to do, the lost opportunities. That has really gotten to me this week. I wonder how many times God “pitches” me an opportunity to speak a word of grace and I don’t even see it, or worse, I do see it and let it drop. Yikes. And in all of this… he keeps pitching to me. Somehow he keeps puts those opportunities in my hands, knowing the many times I’ve failed before. That must mean something. Must mean he’s got some faith in me. 🙂



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2 responses to “Overwhelmed, but in the good way

  1. Jayme


    Thanks for sharing…I think that is what is so hard for me lately in ministry, in marriage, in life, etc….I’ve lost sight of the fact that the Lord has faith in me…that is all I need to know!

  2. Jayme

    hey…this is kinda like the different kinds of funny….

    funny – ha,ha
    funny – uh,oh

    you’re so clever:)

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