No, its not the Easter Bunny’s birthday!

Happy Easter Monday!

My Easter was exhausting and exciting. The high school youth did Easter Breakfast as a fundraiser for our Biloxi Mission Trip in May. It was pretty successful. The kids did a great job and everyone was impressed by them (including myself!). I got to do the Children’s Messages all morning and it was a good time. A kid last week told me that Easter was the Easter Bunny’s Birthday– so I used that in my message. Easter is about Jesus! Pastor K wearing bunny ears… good stuff.

Andy & I went over to the Bormann’s house yesterday afternoon and hunted for our Easter baskets in their woods. It was fun. We ate lots of food and played cards. A great way to celebrate. Then we came home an CRASHED. It looks like we’ll be moving in less than a month. That’s good news, I mean, I hate moving but I just want to get it over with.

In other news, I will be in St. Paul in May (9-13th) for graduation and certification. Hopefully I can link up with anyone still around those parts– you know who you are.



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3 responses to “No, its not the Easter Bunny’s birthday!

  1. Lindsey

    YES YES YES< I can't wait for you to be here!!!
    We totally need to do some fun drinking and trouping around town!

  2. tiapugh


    sounds like a plan

    my interview is either on wed or thurs that week

    we will celebrate

  3. Seany Bud Melmon

    happy belated Easter and hello

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