Ouch! and Yoink!

A friend had a HUGE bonfire on Saturday and I took the High School youth after a morning of spring cleaning at Open Arms. So we are sitting around in the sloppy snow eating hamburgers and throwing snowballs. Andy decides to tackle this friend of ours and falls down screaming-MY KNEE! MY KNEE! Yikes. This is coming from a man who has had 4 knee surgeries. So I walk over and Mike says… is his knee always lumpy like that? No. His knee-cap was all the way on the side of his leg. Nasty. So after Andy gains some sense some guys try to help him up and his knee-cap slides back in place. Double nasty. Anyhow… he’s doing okay. Very sore and swollen.

We snagged the best apartment ever. Okay… maybe not EVER… but pretty darn good. A family from church will have a 1 bedroom available pretty soon and we went to check it out yesterday. It is pretty awesome. It is a basement converted into an apartment. The bar area is the kitchen. There is a big fireplace and its pretty decent sized. Rent includes utilities, cable (with HBO), cable internet, and has a washer/dryer. Amazing. And its like 5 minutes from church. We are very excited. OH! And it has a patio and our own flower boxes to grow whatever we want. Whoo hoo. (Like I’ve ever grown anything in my life). We need to be out of the house by May 15th, but our new apt. may not be available then. We’ll have to see what happens. We may be homeless for a while. 🙂

I can’t believe its Holy Week. It has really sneaked up on me this year. I spent some time this morning reflecting on the week. I am trying to make more meditation time especially this week.


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  1. Jayme

    Okay…the knee cap thing…that is disgusting! I might have thrown up in my mouth a little bit:) But I’m glad he’s doing okay!!

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