Pastor Jonathan took a call to a church in Texas. Pretty tough news. I had a feeling they might go, but now that its reality its sad. This means (since they are our landlords) that we need to find a place to move sooner than expected. We are in search of a place that actually has running water. We are looking for a small space that is clean and not far out of town. These are actually pretty hard qualities to come by if you want to spend less than $850. Yikes. Hopefully we can find something good (and cheap) so we can save toward a house in the next year or so.

In other news… I will be in St. Paul the week of May 8-12th for my DCE certification interview and graduation (gettin in just under a decade). I think it will be a fun time to visit with friends and family. I heart the Twin Cities. I get to stay with Kali which will be awesome.

Andy & I are planning our first vacation together. We will be going to California in November to visit Kali on her internship. To feed my wine snob obsession we’ll visit some vineyards and tour around with her. Hurray!

Not much else is new. Trying to work on my personal devotional life. Has been lacking lately. Could use prayers for that.


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3 responses to “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Kali

    I’m so excited that you guys get to stay with me twice in 6 months. I’m so lucky!
    Know anybody in Utah or Nevada that i can stay with on my journey out to CA?

  2. tiapugh

    andy’s brother in vegas…. hehehe

    i have DCE friend in Utah… but he’s a boy… you could stay at his church

    i want to go on this road trip with yoU!!!!!

    chris hanschke is in Albequerque (sp?) New Mexico…

  3. garfodie81

    Jeff and Sarah (Busseau) Bellach live in Vegas.
    Eric Oswald lives in Utah somewhere.
    Not sure if you’ve met any of those guys though . . .

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