Looking for God knows what

I’m reading this book by Donald Miller (read it). He is one of my new favorite authors. I’m sure that’s cliche because I suppose he is a lot of Christians’ new fav author– but I’ll take that risk. Anyhow… I’ve been reading just the first few chapters of this book and I am totally impressed, once again, by his down-to-earth perspective & analogies for life & ministry. He breaks it down… which I think we are looking for Christian authors to do. Anyhow… I am kind of falling in love with his church Imago Dei in Portland. I listen to their sermons every week. I want to know more about how people see Jesus, the church, the world– people who are different than me and my Lutheranism. Imago Dei definately fits that bill… there was a sermon last week about environmentalism and Creation. Not that I was really crazy about the sermon, but the leadership of that congregation recognized that the people of Imago Dei needed to be taught on that issue. I could never imagine a sermon like that here, but it was incredible to see a ministry that was reaching its people where they are– where their interests, time, and passions are. And they didn’t skip the truth. They laid it out there… but in doing so addressed an issue that people are dealing with.

Anyhow… this is from Donald Miller about the book I’m reading:
“…I’ve seen more and more how, in my own life and in the lives of the Christians around me, we subscribe to false gospels that are troubling our souls. Because we live in a constant sales enviornment where we are told a certain car will make us sexy or a certain dishwashing detergent will be a miracle for our dishes, we assume the gospel of Jesus works the same way, that is, if we invest something, we get something more back. But this is not the case. To understand what the Bible explains Jesus’ gospel to be, we must look to each other, to the way a father interacts with a child, a bride to a bridegroom, a doctor to a patient. When we let go of the idea of Jesus as a product and embrace Him as a being, our path to spiritual maturity begins.”

Read it.


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