Do you know how to skank?

I do.

Last night was a very fun night. Andy & I (after some persuasion from our friend Seamus) decided to make dinner for some friends. We made chicken marsala, garlic & herb broccoli, rosemary potatoes, and I made home-made tirmamisu (but it was way too espresso-y). The food (except for dessert) was deeeeelicious.

Rewind to yesterday afternoon. Andy had bought me the “Wine Bible” for my birthday. So I thought it would be a great idea to get some good italian wine to have with dinner. I am normally a $15 wine drinker. You can get pretty good wine for about that price. I decided I would splurge so I picked up a bottle that was $21 but I was excited because I had read about it in my book. Then I got another bottle for $13. I decided to go for a third because I wasn’t sure how many people we’d be having. I found this bottle on the bottom shelf among other $15 bottles. It was a variety that I had been reading about and I was really excited that there was a cheap version. So I get up to the cash register, after being in the store for like 30 minutes deciding… and the guy rings up my THREE bottles and tells me that it will be $84. !!!!!! WhAT?! At this point I was totally frazzled and in my state of delierium I handed him my debit card. I bought a $45 bottle of wine!! That is ridiculous. I kind of want to be a wine snob, but perhaps I’m just not cut out for it. I told Andy (expecting him to be upset) and he just laughed and asked when I was going to drink it. That bottle will be waiting for a very special occasion. I’m looking for ideas on that one.

Anyhow… the night was really fun. We ate and chatted and had some (not-so-expensive) wine. It was good. Then we went sledding with some more friends and it was a blast. We went down the roads late and night up in the hills. I bet the sled run was about 5 minutes or more. It was a great time. And we were really hyper and my friend Karina and I were singing ska songs and skanking in the snow. She is one of the few people I know (esp. in AK) that knows about skanking. Fun times.


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2 responses to “Do you know how to skank?

  1. Kali

    I know how to skank!!!!!
    I’m glad Andy let you keep the bottle of wine.

  2. tiapugh

    yeah i thought he’d be mad… but he really wasn’t. probably because he wants to buy something too expensive. 🙂

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