Mountain Highs, Valley Lows

Mountain High: This weekend with the kids at All Alaska was awesome. I saw God working in the kids in new ways. In the way they treated one another and in the way that they worshipped and reflected God’s love. Incredible. The weather was great (sunny but real cold). The programming was 150% better than last year and I think there was a much greater impact. The band (Fusebox) was incredible. I got to chat with them quite a bit and one of our youth leaders, Lindsay sang with them. Things with Sunday school went great while I was gone. That’s probably a first. The staff is incredible and I am so excited for the future of this ministry. Andy gave me my birthday present last night. It was the Wine Bible (because I have been recently interested in wine– how its made, what’s good, etc.). Its an interesting book. Explains a lot about how wine is made and what grapes make what wine. Interesting. I might turn into a wine snob.

Valley Low: Pastor K informed me on Monday that some people at church found inappropriate content on my blog. Yes, this blog. Some information was passed around to some people at church and rumors began from there. I no longer have a link to “Overheard in NY” because of its content. I looked at the page months ago and it was funny– not disgusting. However, more recent posts have been pretty out of control. I apologize(d) for that. I should have looked more carefully at what it was all about. However, I do not apologize for the things that I write. I believe that I live a life of integrity. I don’t have anything to hide. My blog is for friends and family to keep up on my life. The jokes I make and the sarcasm I use is not wrong. I don’t intend to offend or harm and if you know me I believe you will understand that. I have gotten the feeling that church workers are expected to only talk about Jesus. In reality– who does that? Does it make my relationship with Jesus any less? I don’t think so. Do I talk about Jesus? Absolutely! Do I also talk about life, love, friends, family, frustrations, hardships, things that make me laugh, hobbies, celebrations, silly things… etc.???? YES! God has been extremely faithful and has given me peace about this. I know that I am supported by the staff and leaders of this congregation and that in the future matters like this will hopefully be brought to my attention directly before rumors are spread.

I’m out of the valley on my way back up… God is good.



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4 responses to “Mountain Highs, Valley Lows

  1. Lindsey

    I love you Tia…I love your honesty and willingness to hit things head on! I’d also be nice if everyone went straight to the source…
    but alas…it doesn’t always play out that way.

  2. garfodie81

    I would love to say that is ridiculous . . . but people are people and sometimes people suck. Keep on being your sassy self! It would be nice if everyone else in the church lived up to the expectations they have for their church workers . . .

  3. Jayme

    My thoughts recently….I get so frustrated with the behavior of people within the church…do they not get it!?…and then I think…oh my goodness how frustrated was Jesus with the disciples…because they didn’t get it either…and HE was with them! I guess everyone deserves some patience (from me) cause isn’t that what we are supposed to be about?…What Jesus was about…the TRUTH and holding people to that…man not easy..nor very fun sometimes

  4. Anonymous

    Welcome to the world of church work. Unfortunately, right or wrong, people have an expectation that those who serve the church should have a narrowly focused life and have their every moment focused on the church–and to cater to them. That’s why the burnout rate is high among pastors. Pastors have a hard time getting that downtime.

    I was reading a book on pastors once…100 years ago, it was recommended that pastors dress in black and avoid movies, cards, dance halls, and concerts, lest their minds be taken off the Scriptures and the Church. I laughed as I read that.

    My question is, though: Did you address with your pastor or the young lady, her blog from a few weeks ago wherein she mentioned her drugs, drinking, and sex? Sht put it out there for public consumption, so there shouldn’t be any problem with you discussing it with her. As a former youth leader, it’s distressing to see kids get sucked into that stuff.

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