18 teenagers, 2 vans, 350 miles

This will be my weekend. All Alaska Youth Gathering. I am really excited.
#1 I love road trips.
#2 This year’s gathering will be good.
#3 Fusebox is playing.
#4 I am leading a session on dating (HA).
#5 It will be all about playing in the snow.
#6 We have 18 kids going!!
#7 Sunday is my birthday. What better way to enter your mid-twenties than acting like a fool with a bunch of teenagers?
#8 Andy is going (by his choice!) because one of our man-adults dropped out.

Should be a fun weekend… pray for safe travel and that these kids will see Jesus!

Over & Out.


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One response to “18 teenagers, 2 vans, 350 miles

  1. Ingrid

    Yay, yay, yay for the AALYG! I’m so jealous …I want to go!
    I will be praying for the weekend, I hope it goes well!

    I was in AK last week, it was so good. That place does my heart good. 🙂

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