What a weekend…

What a week, actually. My week started out with my 6 month evaluation and then took off from there. Some time for self-evaluation was good. I worked long hours this week and felt really good about it. Sometimes I count the moments until I can go home. I had all kinds of meetings and preparations to do for the Equipping Conference this weekend. Friday night it started with a time of worship followed by communion and then a talk from Pastor K about the mission and vision of Zion. Small group discussion was mixed in. SAturday morning the E.C. continued with 3 session of ministry training, bible studies, focus groups, and it was great! I led a session called “Fulfilling Your Call as a Parent: Steps to Building Your Child’s Faith” I was very nervous because what do I have to offer parents. I mean, I love kids but I am not a parent. So I introduced myself that way–as someone who has some insight to share, but not here to tell you how to parent. It took off from there. I got great feedback and it is something that I am really passionate about. Yea God! I also led some Sunday school teacher training and it was great too. I have plenty of teachers on board now!

This week I am preparing a session for the All Alaska Youth Gathering called “What’s the Point?: How a God-Pleasing Relationship Can Be Fulfilling” I chose this weird topic because I feel like we are always telling kids what they can and cannot do. We never tell them why and how a relationship that doesn’t end in sex is incredible. We don’t tell them why it’s worth it. High school dating is often a “Visa card” to make out. If we say that isn’t a part of a God-pleasing relationship then “What’s the point?” Anyhow… It’s what I’m working on this week. I want it to be good– something that is impacting. Could use some prayer on that.

Overall I am pumped and excited about life. Could be because the sun is actually up all day now. 🙂 Who knows.


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