Satan Sucks

What do you do when you read the myspace profile of one of your youth group kids that says she’s bisexual, “would like to die having good sex”, and has done drugs, smoked, and been drunk in the last month?

What do you do when a 7th grader has stolen from you, shown no remorse, been sent to yet another foster home, and calls you for help?

What do you do when kids show up for church and bible study EVERY week and still don’t get it?

What do you do when your church has been broken into and your office has been rifled through with the primary suspects being neighborhood kids?

What do you do?

At moments like this it seems as though Satan sure has a pretty strong foothold. It breaks my heart that so many people don’t know what they’re missing. Everywhere I look there are kids, youth, men, and women who are searching so fervently for something to fill the empty space inside that it brings them to these desperate measures. They are chasing the things of this world with passion. How can God use me to redirect that passion and fervor to pursue Jesus?

What do you do?


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2 responses to “Satan Sucks

  1. garfodie81

    What you can do for these kids is be a positive and encouraging Christian role model. They probably don’t see people like that in their schools or even at home or probably ever. It’s not your job to physically win people over for Jesus — that is what the Holy Spirit does. All you can do is be who you are, tell people about Jesus and God’s love the best you can, and let God do the work.

    I struggle with the few kids in my youth group because they don’t seem to be getting anywhere either. Last week they walked out when I wanted to look up Bible verses. They threaten to not come back because I want to pray. It is my hope (and what makes it possible for me to keep going) that these kids’ experience now will last with them when they grow older — that they learn that church is a safe place to be even though they test or even abuse the people there.

    Joel’s church was broken into a couple of years ago. Computers and electronic equipment were stolen, but the worst thing is that the vandals set off the fire extinguishers. They had tens of thousands of dollars in dust damage from them. Satan uses things like this to dampen the spirits of church workers. Things can be replaced and the dust can be removed, but the ministry must remain.

    If someone has done something wrong to you or is doing something wrong in general, tell them or call them on it! Our society tells people anything they want to do is okay because “to each his own.” Be a mirror to these people and show them who they are and who they are missing! They’re not going to hear it anywhere else . . .

  2. Jayme

    Man Tia..I know what its like and I’m sorry you’re going through such a discouraging time right now:) But know that there is a good reason your discouraged…it means you LOVE these people…you LOVE the kids and you have a heart that yearns to show them the truth. As hard as that is…rejoice that God has provided someone (you) to love them in the midst of their chaos. And know that it rests not on you but on the power of the Almighty!!! Look up Colossians 1:29:) I love you Tia and you are doing an amazing job loving for Jesus!

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