What is a dry cabin?

A dry cabin is a place (that I think only still exists in AK or in 3rd world countries) where there is no running water. They have outhouses. And yes it was built post 1978… but they just didn’t want to put in pipes and stuff. Many people live in them. Ridiculous. People in cabins either can’t afford something else or they are all about the “back to nature” thing. Many of them stink because showers are not part of the routine. Imagine dreadlocks and Carharts. Others make it work by showering and stuff other places. Come on people… its 2006! Jump on the technology train! I think the ancient Babylonians had indoor pumbing!

Why rant about people who don’t take advantage of indoor pumbing you might ask? Well let me tell you…

Andy & I have bad water pressure most of the time at our apartment. We have well water and its kind of funky. We drink bottled water. Well our landlords are out of town for like 3 weeks and the water pressure has been getting really low (like drip…. drip… drip) so we go and change the water filter and it is full of — CLAY. I mean, we could make a sculpture. So our water pump is bringing in mud. That means one of two things– the well is dry or its caving in. Both are bad. Both mean we can’t use the water anymore. And the landlords don’t get home for like 3 weeks. Crap. So we’re trying to contact them and figure something out. Until then… we live in a dry cabin.

I heart Alaska.


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5 responses to “What is a dry cabin?

  1. Jayme

    are you doing to give yourself dreadlocks and wear carharts now?

  2. Ingrid

    Holy COW! That’s a great Alaska story. The rest of the nation would FREAK out about your current situation, but really it’s pretty normal in AK.
    Hope a solution comes your way soon. Until then, good luck and enjoy your adventure. 😉

  3. garfodie81

    Hmm . . . Being a newlywed and not being able to shower . . . not such a good thing. 😉

  4. Jayme

    have you come up with anything yet?

  5. tiapugh

    thanks for all of your concerns! its okay.. the water pressure is coming back and less clay is being spat out. the tempurature was like -45 last week and this week it was 40 so i think the drastic temp change made the well a little scared. hopefully there’s no real damage.

    and there are public showers all over town if anything does go wrong. laundromats, at the University, at my church… we could survive. so many people in town live without pumbing every day… we could get tough and figure it out.

    no dreadlocks for me. i dont think its really my style. 🙂

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