I’m baaaaaaaaack

Good day all. I am pleased to announce that the wedding went spectacularly. It was a great time! I had so much fun with friends and family. It was a blast. I got to show Andy the finer (and lesser) parts of Milwaukee. I went to Alterra by the Lake TWICE. We had a great time at Lucille’s Piano bar. We had a beautiful ceremony. Alaska friends led us in the (gag) chicken dance. Andy & I wore tutu’s for like 30 seconds at the reception. And… at the end of the day… we’re married. Mission accomplished. Chicago was great. Our hotel was amazing (Embassy Suites on Columbus– totally recommend it!). We walked all over the city, went to the Field Museum, went to the Apple store and drooled, ate at the Melting Pot, I ate some bad Chipotle (jerks!)… and had a great time. Then back to the grind in Fairbanks. Coming home was pretty awesome. We watched a movie the other night and when it was over we both were thinking that Andy had to go home… but he didn’t. What a good feeling.

Overall Mission “Marriage in Milwaukee” was a huge success. We got the job done and had a great time too.

Thanks to all friends & family that could celebrate with us!



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3 responses to “I’m baaaaaaaaack

  1. garfodie81

    Now that you’re back you get to write thank you notes until it feels like your hand is going to fall off! Well that and some other somethin-somethin, but you can’t do that ALL the time. 😉

  2. Jayme

    so glad you’re back safe and sound…and that your wedding went so great:) wish we coulda been there:) love ya and take care

  3. Ingrid

    Congrats, Tia! Linds said the wedding was a blast!

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